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Taxboard Issue-response-update

Yes there has been as issue I am working on. Suddenly, early Friday 24th, just after midnight, something messed up the entry routine. The page just hangs and begins to consume all resources at all 4 of my forums.

Been working with both my host and SMF community to track things down.

Just taking time as things are tried and eliminated. As I take one step, both sides need to be involved so that these lags are taking time.

Worst part is I am away for 3 weeks starting this coming Friday. Not saying things cannot be fixed by then, but it becomes a deadline for me

My apologies for not checking here earlier. I had called Bert…at least tried to–left a message…which he then returned. I was making sure the problem did not stem from anytging on my own setup.

Bottom line…working on the issue and hope to have it resolved soon


Thanks for the update John.

I spent a week in the wilderness and didn’t return until last night. After reading here I thought I maybe I tripped over the server’s power cord on my way out… :grin:

Either that… or someone started mining for bitcoin with your computer resources. :sunglasses:

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Just responding to you know to your hotmail address SPG…hopefully that still works