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Tax year on invoice

Is there a way to have the tax year auto populate on the invoices? When we do multiple year returns our invoices go to another department to get prepared from a different program. If there are multiple years for a client there is no indication of which invoice is for which tax year prepared. We end up having to hand write it for our invoicing department. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Modify the Invoice template to show the tax year instead of doing it manually.

Thank you, that is an easy fix and it works great.
It would be nice if it would be part of the invoice rather than having to modify each year.

Don’t type the year, use this: {{ Constants.CurrentTaxationYear }}

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Yes, that is what i used. Thanks

The you don’t need to modify each year, just apply the same template to all of the years.

Yes, i also figured that out last night as well. Thanks in the event i hadn’t made that connection. I appreciate the additional tips. It was a late night of work and i could have easily missed doing any of these.