Invoice - tax year

I would like to be able to include the tax year on my invoices to client. Sometimes we are catching up on outstanding returns, and all the invoices look the same even though they are for different tax years.

I can edit my invoices to include, but if others agree maybe there can be a permanent change to the templates.


@grangers2016 It already appears if you aren’t showing the detailed list of schedules when billing:


If you choose detailed billing, then you can edit the description next to any schedule/item in options:


If there were consensus of where to add it to the template for detailed billing, we can consider doing so using the {{Constant.CurrentTaxationYear}}

Thanks @Elizabeth I will update description in detailed billing.

If I had to choose where to put the Current tax year it would be beside Details. Something like:
“Details - 2021 Tax year” since generally everything listed under details has to do the the same tax year.

We are new to Tax Cycle, in Profile we would Copy and Paste down to the disbursement area and then change the year, and I could add as many items in the distribution area. Tax Cycle only allows one line for disbursements, and you can not add anymore lines to the Schedule Charges above as well.

Can TaxCycle create one spare line on the schedule of charges and the distribution area and as you use them another spare line pops up? This makes it really hard to add any other billable items to the invoice.

it will add line as you entered each one

I just went back to see why it did not do it for me, as you can see on the example above

It appears after you print the invoice and even if you unlock it, it will not create the lines. It only does it when you create a new return before any invoices are printed.

I tend to have to reprint invoices when the tax preparer misses adding additional charges.

ok i know what is happening you have to unlock the return and unlock the billing worksheet and then you can add to it see screen shot

What I did was add a line to the letter template…this is what it looks like

Preparation of your 2021 T1 returns