Carryforward Invoice Template from 2015 to 2016 T1?

Is there an easy way to Carry Forward to the 2016 T1 an Invoice Template that I created for the 2015 T1?

I was in the Template Editor hoping to find that same little black “down arrow” used in the Print Sets to “copy to 2016” but the only option for the Template seems to be “Clone this Template”, which always ends up as a clone in the same year (2015).

I tried dragging the cloned Template from the 2015 area to the 2016 section but it won’t move…

Thinking outside the box, I then tried cheating by going into the Templates folder itself, making a copy and renaming “T1TY2015.Clnvoice.taxcycletemplate” to “T1TY2016.Clnvoice.taxcycletemplate” but I wasn’t able to fool the software. Somehow Taxcycle still knew it was just a rebranded 2015 template and wouldn’t move it to the 2016 Template area…lol.

It is very easy. In the template editor, on the left side you will see a tab named ‘properties’. Click on that tab, and then you will see Module, with below it listing the years the template is set up for… Click on that, and it will give you check boxes that you can designate to use this template for.

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I have taken a screen shot of where to look open the invoice file then hit properties .
then click on the module then you can choose what tax years you want that templates for .Hope this helps


Thanks Bert & Pugs !

I actually cheated again, but this time it worked.
I opened up the Template copy with “wordpad”, located the coding that locked the Template to the 2015 module
"Module" : “T1TY2015"
changed it to
"Module” : “T1TY2016”

Saved the file and it worked this time. You know me… I’ll always find the most difficult way to accomplish a task.

Now that I see how easy it is to do it the correct way, I am going to use that preferred method in future.


lol, that is the way we used to have to do it… almost…
we used to have the type in the module names, separated by a semi-colon. Worked fine, until one time I messed up and separated them with a colon…


am more of a text guy, rather than a pictures guy. Could not see the purpose of Windows when it first came out, Fought it all the way… until I had to leave DOS behind…

I re-did it your way (the proper way) and checked to apply to all T1 modules.

I remember learning at the seminar in November there was an easy way to apply these templates to different years, but for the life of me couldn’t figure it out today (when it counted). Of course, it was staring me in the face all along.

@BertMulderCGA… I still have a set of unopened Dos 3.1 diskettes kicking around here somewhere too. And as you know, our primary General Ledger system is DOS based running on a hybrid Windows 98 box… because Windows 98 was the last version of Windows with a setting that would allow software to run from pure Dos. :grimacing:

Thanks again gentlemen !

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@snoplowguy Orchard accounting software, best accounting software ever! Killed by Y2K. You are more loyal than I, though some days I am still sorry I left it behind…

Thanks for the tip – just applied my custom tmeplate to all prior years – what an amazing piece of software!