Could you pls add a line in the Billing worksheet for the amount after taxes as well, so we can post
the amount onto Sch 4 if applies.

Otherwise have to calc the tax component on to the amount

Both amounts before and after taxes would be helpful



We have added the prior year total after tax to the Prior year area of the billing worksheet. Look for it in our next release.

~ Rob

On the Billing Worksheet, I occasionally have fees that I want to override and not charge some clients. With profile, I would simply override the amount and the line wouldn’t show up on the Invoice. This does not work in TaxCycle, as it then shows the line with the fee left blank. If I delete the row, it wants to re-create it. If I override the entire row, I get a blank row on the invoice.

Is there a way to overcome this issue without having to remove the fee from the Fee schedule in Setup? The only other option I can think of is to record a Discount to remove the fees that I don’t want to charge.

Also, sorting the Fees in the worksheet … the options are Ascending or Descending.
I wish there was an option to restore default sorting, because as soon as they are sorted, the T1 Federal jacket gets moved out of the top position and now I have to manually move it back up.

I much prefer Profile’s billing system over TaxCycle. It will take a while to adjust, or I switch to using Quickbooks for my billing.

Everybody loves a discount. :grinning:

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If you want the line to hide when the amount is zero, you can change the logic that shows the line in the invoice template.

The reason we do this is that some of our preparers want to show all the lines because it shows work that has been done, even if no fee was charge for preparing that form…

Here’s the change I’m talking about, highlighted in yellow

Thank you, Cameron.
Appreciate that tip. Very helpful. I hadn’t thought to check if there was a template for the worksheet.
I played with it briefly but the code placement you suggested didn’t work. I’ll play with it later when I have more time.

What is the Mustache code to enter a Carriage Return?
The Billing Worksheet “Description of Services” doesn’t use carriage returns between different lines. In contrast I prefer using carriage returns for each new item in that description vs using paragraph format. Is this possible?