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Prior year billing info

When determining the invoice for a T1 client, we usually look at what was billed the previous year. TaxCycle gives us the total amount, but in order to see the breakdown we need to open the prior year return.

Seeing as we bill the clients on a per schedule basis, it would be nice if we could have a breakdown of the prior year invoice without needing to open last year’s file.


Could you give me an example of how you’d like it broken down?


~ Cameron

Right now, everything is bunched together in one total for prior year schedule fees (along with a separate line for Hourly and Admin fees, etc). We’d like to see a breakdown of the schedule fees. Similar to the way the current year table is displayed.

As an example of why it would be handy: when invoicing a client, we charge X amount per slip and have a standard starting rate of Y for completing a T2125. When we just see a total of Z invoiced last year, we have no way of knowing if that’s a result of a client having a lot of T-slips last year and being charged the minimum for a business schedule or if the client only had a couple of slips but we bumped up the fee to prepare the T2125.

The only way to tell would be to open last year’s file to confirm what we charged last year. It’s super easy to open last year’s file, but it’s one extra step that if we can avoid having to do, would make it easier to complete the final review.

If the billing worksheet from the prior year could be carried forward and displayed as read only at the bottom of the current year worksheet that would help us a lot. We don’t necessarily need/want the entire worksheet, just the table for the per schedule charges.


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Thanks for the extra detail…

Community –

Would others find this useful? What about some review messages? ie: “The Client Invoice is 20% higher than last year”, or maybe “The Client Invoice is 30% lower than last year. Are you forgetting something?” :slightly_smiling:

~ Cameron