Letter Customization

Don’t shoot me but I am trying to learn TaxCycle’s letter systems.
I really dislike having to have a different series of letters for each year’s T1s.

I asked this question in the ProFile (bad word) forum and I’d like to know the same thing with TaxCycle’s Letter engine.

Please excuse the ProFile code but I am lost about 99% of advanced letter customization here.

Here is my question. Can anyone tell me how to do this in TaxCycle. As far as I’m concerned the most flexible software wins, although, TaxCycle is way out in front at the moment

Does anyone here, including tech support know if there is a code to return the two prior tax years??

In ProFile {TaxConstant(“CurrentTaxYear”)} returns 2014 and {TaxConstant(“CurrentTaxYearPlusOne”)} returns 2015

Are those codes available in the letter customizer and is there a {TaxConstant(“CurrentTaxYearMinusOne”)} to allow me to insert 2013 or 2012??

This is to allow me to customize letters that can be used for multiple years

Hi @Norman. Yes, you can make items span more than one year in TaxCycle letters. There are really three things to consider.

  1. You can do math with the constants. A good example of this is available in T1 PreSeason letter, where we provide important dates to remember. {{ Constants.CurrentTaxationYear + 1 }} for example, would give you 2015, if is in a 2014 letter. {{ Constants.NextTaxationYear + 1 }}, would give you 2016. {{ Constants.CurrentTaxationYear - 1 }} would give you 2013. {{ Constants.CurrentTaxationYear - 2 }} would give you 2012.
  2. You can make a single template file apply to more than one year. In the blue Properties box above the template you are editing, enter the tax return years to which the template applies. For example, to apply a template to TaxCycle T1 2013, enter T1TY2013. You can also use this to apply a template to multiple years. For example, to apply a template to TaxCycle T1 2013 and 2014, enter T1TY2013;T1TY2014 (separated by a semi-colon).
  3. This same property makes it easy to roll forward letters from one year to the next, if all you want are just slight changes. Take a look at the following help topic for other options too: https://www.taxcycle.com/Support/Documentation/tabid/153/ID/1284/categoryId/45/Roll-forward-templates-from-one-year-to-the-next.aspx
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TaxCycle wins again.

Awesome use of technology

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