T776 Forms

My firm uses Cantax and our T776 forms are printing out with a watermark of “Do Not Submit” across all the pages. Is anyone else having this issue? I am wondering if it’s a CRA-related problem for everyone, this question is not about my software.

Probably a good idea to ask that question on a Cantax forum and not a TaxCycle one?


Great advice @SBG!

Now if the watermark said “Preview - for review only” (as it does) that would be more of a question for the TaxCycle forum. :wink:

No I was more wondering if it was a CRA issue that all preparers were having

It’s software related.

Unfortunately, at this point I am using a competitors software (updated to include Immediate expensing regulations and no watermark) to provide CCA schedules to T1 clients with business or rental properties. :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the answer! Holy moly that sounds like fun! Have a great rest of your tax seasons all! Stay hydrated :smile: