T776 - Preview watermark

I still have the Preview for review only watermark on the T776 form? Is their any other forms that still have a watermark and do we have an expected date for these to be removed?


Please see Robs response to my My question from Monday … release info for business forms…
Short Answer … when its ready :slight_smile:

13 Feb 2019 release notes:

In-progress T1 forms and calculations

The following 2018 forms are still in progress and will show a Preview watermark:

* T1206 Tax on Split Income
* T657 Calculation of Capital Gains Deduction for Canada
* T2038 Investment Tax Credit (Individuals)
* All capital cost allowance (CCA) forms, pending the new Accelerated CCA measures announced as part of the Accelerated Investment Incentive (AII)
* All income statement forms, including those for: T776, T2125, T2121, T2042, T1273 and T1163
* T777 Employment expenses form and worksheet
* Motor vehicle worksheet

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