T183 error

It seems TaxCycle can’t add. I completed a return with a refund of $195.37. Held for more information. Received information which changed the refund to a tax payable of $282.05. Difference of $477.42. TaxCycle says “Amounts have changed by less than $300. This is acceptable to CRA.” I think I’ll have the new T183 printed & signed. Why the hell would I have my client sign a form with the wrong numbers? Mind you, TaxCycle is, in my opinion, far superior to other products I’ve used over the years (CanTax and TaxPrep). But, sometimes it just doesn’t connect the dots.

Not sure what has happened in your case but in my opinion this T1 program season with Taxcycle has been the most flawless ever and it has always been pretty close to flawless.

Yes, I agree. TaxCycle is great for me. One install for all modules, the simplest of update procedures, automatically creates directories for each module for each year, just a joy overall. I found out the hard way that I have to watch for carry-forward of corporate ITC’s from the prior years. Sometimes it works, sometimes it puts numbers in the current year’s schedules where it should not. So, I just accept that I have to actually trace the prior year’s ITC’s utilized to the current year’s S8 and nowhere else. That was one thing CanTax did flawlessly. Did not make up for the nightmare of multiple installs for different modules, multiple installs for updates within each module, the absolute game of chance trying to decide which version to open for a given client/year, the resulting hard disk space it eventually consumed. But, at the time, I didn’t know any better. Much like city dwellers here in NS. They were born in the city and have no idea there’s a far superior existence only 10 miles from their world.

Just reread your post. With my quick read I misunderstood what you were saying.

Seems like you discovered a little coding problem with their calculation likely not taking into account the sign of the numbers involved.