Working Release of TaxCycle 2019 T1

Just wondering with the actual TaxCycle T1 for 2019 version will be release that does not show “Preview, For Review Only”. I am starting to get clients that would like to get their paperwork done but have to keep putting them off as I cannot print with out the notice showing on everything.

I was about to ask the same question. The last update had a few bugs that caused a few issues for us…

I agree.

Everybody i have done maybe three return for people ready for Feb. 24th . But i have not seen any real problems with the latest release. I just like they get thing right before the season starts , there was a lot of changes that the government came out with .Also they cannot take off the preview until the government has past all the forms.

I realize the forms have to be passed by CRA and am just looking for a time frame for this so I am not printing like crazy at the end of the month.

I would say from being with them for as many years as i have that the filing version should be in our hands by Thursday or Friday before the 24 of February . I don’t have a crystal ball but we might see something next week with some of the preview if not all of them taken off .

Today’s release has Preview lifted for the vast majority of T1 forms.

~ Rob

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Thank you rob just as i suspected this would happen have a nice night
thank you

Awesome! Thank you so much!