I recently received a request from CRA to send in three T1013 forms. I was interested to read in their notes that they do not accept Form T1013 with the watermark “Retain for your records. Do not forward to CRA”. As far as I can see, once the form is transmitted, you can’t print that form without the watermark. Most times we have transmitted the form and then printed it with the final package of forms for the client to sign. Perhaps in the future we will change that to print the form before transmitting it but is there any way to print the form without the watermark?

I did read a previous post about this issue but I guess my concern is the reason for printing a form that says don’t submit it to CRA. Can this form be setup this year to allow it to print without the watermark?

tsk tsk tsk Kevin, supposed to get a signature on that form before transmitting it…

Yes, Bert, I’m willing to fess up to reality. I just don’t see the logic of printing a form that says “Retain for your records” but is not accepted when signed. I’m not sure why I would retain this for my records?


You could try this

or just print the blank form off the internet and fill it out manually matching what was filed, get it signed and send it in. keep in mind the form date when you do this. i.e. do not use version 2016 for 2015

I guess you could also print the 1013 out of a blank Taxcycle file and do the same.

Thanks @james1. I saw that thread after I initially posted. I re-read the CRA information on efiling T1013’s and they don’t mention anything about this watermark and the fact that you can’t submit it so I am going to submit my T1013’s with the watermark with an explanation and ask them to provide me with a copy of how preparers were notified that forms with the watermark are not to be used.

The software asks you specifically if you have a signed copy on the transmit page - if you are certifying it by clicking yes, you have no one to blame but yourself when you can’t provide a clean copy for CRA.

You “Retain for you records” in case CRA asks for it

The reason they don’t accept copies with the watermark is for exactly this reason - you transmitted without approval from the client. I understand your want for less paper and expediency, but some paper is inevitable in this business.

Print before your first client meeting, get signature, transmit while they are sitting there - then if anything goes wrong, it can be addressed immediately.

First, I’m not blaming anyone for anything. Second, I do get consent from clients before I transmit the T1013. Third, when I meet with a new client, often I will get a T1013 signed while they sit there. However, often both spouses are not there. Often, as well, I find that the valid consent forms that we have filed for clients are unexpectedly and arbitrarily (or so it seems) cancelled by CRA and we have to file a new consent form when in the middle of doing their tax returns.

Just because the form has the watermark doesn’t mean I transmitted the form without the client’s approval. I get the client’s approval to file these forms 100% of the time.

As for the paper issue, I scan the signed consent forms and get rid of the original signed copies so the paper issue is the same one way or the other.

Having said all this, I will change my workflow this year. I just wanted to reiterate that I have consent from my clients for all forms filed and don’t just file these on a random as-needed basis.

If you need to print you can click Dismiss CRA messages to remove the watermark.

Then, in file history you can cancel the dismissal to put the watermark back.

~ Cameron