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T4 slips etc

Still would be nice if you included a report in the T4 module etc similar to the T4 slip summary that included all the address data so I could go to on sheet to confirm the numbers rather than jumping to each individual sheet;

Would still like a report that is similar to the T4 summary that includes any boxes that are in use on the slips that are not included on the current T4 summary;

For all modules but the slips especially, when I print the T4 slips to Doxcycle maybe use the print job name rather than current current tax return or allow us to define the group name in the print settings would be better;

When I print the employee slips to Doxcycle and the employer copy to Doxcycle I get two lists that are individually grouped together which is perfect; however, when I want to ecourier these slips to the client, I have to send two separate messages, one with the employee slips and one with the employer copy. It would be nice if Doxcycle could ask if we want separate pdf for two groupings when preparing the e-courier files.


Couple other things for T4 and maybe other modules,

When you create a T4 return from the T2 return, can you guys either A change the account number to RP from RC (currently the account number is imported as RC) or if that is too difficult maybe put a memo on the field to double check the number. The memo might be required anyways since the payroll number could be RP0002 and the corporate account RC0001. Likely that memo should be on all files that are created due to the possible variance in the last 4 digits of the number. Hope this makes sense.

I would still like to see a field for box 24 and 26 under adjusted for entering different amounts. I really do not like the overrides. There should be a T4 report showing the variance between the calculated and adjusted like we have now for EI, CPP and Tax It is all about speed when reviewing the returns and I do not want to have to look at each slip individually;

If I am importing from the excel template and box 24 and 26 equal the calculated, the number should not be imported.

And just because I do not like Why is the publish to slipsync using different descriptions in the T3 and the T4 modules (I have not checked the others) I asked a staff to go publish the slips to slipsync in a T3 and they came back saying there was no option. :roll_eyes: So I go in to the T3 and it says publish T3 slips and the T4 module says Publish to Slipsync. Please be consistent.