Suggestion: Print to DoxCycle

The import of T4s and T5s into DoxCycle works great. The only thing missing is a nice way to get the T4 or T5 (or even T3 slip) into DoxCycle. Would you be able to reuse some code to add a Print to DoxCycle to the Slips modules like the one in TaxCycle? In this case, I am sure we would have to specify the DoxCycle file, but it would be easier than printing to PDF and then dropping it into a DoxCycle file.

I have my slip printing set up so that when it prints (and publishes) the slips, it ast the same time prints a PDF to a ‘published slips’ folder. So, when the T1 is done, and indicates a ‘published slip’, it is an easy step to also import the slip into the Doxcycle file.

Does it break up the slips by taxpayer when you do that, or do you still have to export individual pages?

I have it set up so that it breaks them up by taxpayer. Am at home right now, and do not have the code here, but if you pm me, that will remind me to post it here tomorrow.

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In the printsettings for T4 I havfe a printset ‘PDF employee to Doxcycle’, with printer output adobe pdf, save to: (your chosen directory), file name {Date}{Name}{ReturnType}.

This print set prints the T4 anad T4a, and will place individual slips for each employee in that folder.

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I must be doing something wrong as I am getting one file with all of the slips in it, rather than a separate file for each slip.

Figured it out. Just had to select the option in the print setting to do a separate file for each T4.

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