Suggestions: T4As, T4RIF, T4RSP

For a few years now we have noticed that T4As are rarely recognized and the information from the boxes doesn’t get extracted. Is this something that can be looked at to determine the problem?

Could yes/no boxes be added for box 26 on T4RIF and for box 24 on T4RSP?


I also just noticed that Box 37 on the T4E won’t post into TaxCycle.

Me thinks Doxcycle is somewhat of the neglected module.

Sure would be nice to have a Doxcycle printer as I think Bert first suggested.

I would like a method to send the CRA slips pdf into the file and date stamp it.

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I agree. It feels like DoxCycle is the poor neglected cousin. It doesn’t appear to get near the attention it deserves. I have to assume that is because many firms don’t use it (which I think is a mistake on their part). In our firm, however, it is integral and I wish it would get more attention and timely updates.

Count me in on this one, too. I don’t use DoxCycle to post to the T1’s but I find it valuable for organizing the T1 file. Some more attention would make it indispensable. I’m not sure why the program can recognize and classify the engagement letter for each taxpayer but can’t do the same with the T183 or T4A’s.

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