T4 module requests for 2018 module

Still would like to be able to add pension boxes to t4 Slip summary for review purposes (better yet, let me define them on a file to file basis;

Columns need the ability to be adjusted in width

Edit, ability to define default name for doxcycle file.


It would be nice if you added the option on the right click menu for a quick print to doxcycle under the quick print to pdf in all modules.

You could also consider a “corporate” group doxcycle file rather than individual files. If I do T4’s and T5 for instance, it would be nice to send the slips in one shot.

Still waiting for the doxcycle printer :sunglasses:

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A Doxcycle ‘printer’ would really be nifty.

Will not file should clear in progress


Work flow appears to fail when only issuing T4A, fails when you have

Should be an option to auto click return printed, client copy provided return complete when the all filing complete.

Why can I not click the box beside the header in Workflow to select all questions inside?

I would like the ability to mark a section as complete by checking the box beside the header in all modules. I find there is the occasional file that does not fit my normal setup and would require an override to have the section marked as complete. Preferably checking beside the header would not require an override.

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Also some tweaking in respect to the printing of the slips to Doxcycle and going to proper folder would be helpful.