DoxCycle suggestions

Here are a few wish list items from our office for DoxCycle:

  1. Have it do a better job of recognizing T4As. For some reason they are regularly misclassified as slip instructions or Unclassified.

  2. It would be nice to set an option to not include input boxes on the slips for boxes that TaxCycle calculates. For example, if TaxCycle is going to calculate the taxable dividends from the actual dividend input, it would be nice to not have to deal with the taxable dividend box in DoxCycle.

  3. It would be nice if when we reclassified a misclassified slip, DoxCyle would rescan and try to complete the boxes for posting to TaxCycle (and/or a right click option on a slip to rescan).

  4. We would like DoxCycle to have the same functionality for the T3 module as it does in the T1 module (i.e. the ability to post slips from DoxCycle to the T3 module).

  5. The ability to copy documents in DoxCycle to another section of DoxCycle (we would use this to organize slips when responding to a CRA pre or post-assessment review).

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Good suggestions, particularly #4 and #5. WRT #5 I use Adobe Pro (albeit an old version ha ha - it’s cheap and paid for), it’s pretty easy to extract portions of the PDF to arrange and sent to CRA. But would be nice to place all within a section of the client file called “post-processing” or something similar.

I’m thinking a lot of the issues with #1 are to do with resolution / alignment / quality as that seems to have been the issue with slips sent to me by clients (maybe photo/scans from phones?).

I have also experienced issues with having DoxCycle recognize T4A slips, going back to its inception. Although resolution et al can be an issue, there seems to be something about T4A slips specifically that defy recognition by DoxCycle.

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Yes - I’d forgotten this…a bunch of T4As for (mostly) scholarships…the province got recorded and nothing else.

We created a number of new categories of items within DoxCycle. We then create a new PDF (using the feature in DoxCycle) and then reimport it into DoxCycle as “Response to CRA”. Slightly cumbersome, but it works.

The stamps in DoxCycle appears to use the username of the computer. Unfortunately, when I bought my computer, the techie guy had setup the name as “User”. I don’t want to have to re-map everything on my computer to change it. Is there a chance of being able to set this to something else in the Options?