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Still on my wish list, the ability to define which box numbers are shown on the T4 slip summary. Forinstance I want a column for box 52,44 etc so I should be able to customize the display. I would also accept that option on the T4 reconciliation form so I can tie into the client records better or just a new form that we can choose what to display and we can make our own, Maybe set this up like the business schedules so we can have multiple custom reconciling reports

Can we also get a T4 address edit list sheet that would allow me to have all the address information in a table for review purposes

maybe a filter for empty slips under all forms

We should have the option on the import of xml slips to overwrite the issuer information or not.

and my other issue please allow the cell with to adjust automatically when the value exceeds the width. Other deductions only to 99,999.00 when pension deductions can exceed 100,000 alone salaries exceeding 9,999,999.00. @Cameron I am sure you guys could fit a couple of the above in for next year.


The T4 Summary is a CRA form and can’t be modified to include whichever boxes you want. It’s their way of expediting the PIER process.
All the other things you are asking for here are really administration items that would be specific to your firm. I’ve been doing this since 1989 and have never had the need for an address edit list - you do that on each T4 as you enter data. Empty slips appear on the review window and there’s no legal reason to overwrite the issuer information on the .xml. And who needs a pension deduction over 100K or a T4 for 9.99 million? That person needs a better accountant for proper tax planning!

I’m sorry, but none of these requests seem reasonable to me


First of all, I am not trying to modify the CRA form T4 Summary, I am trying to modify the Taxcycle produced summary forms for review purposes;

I guess you do not have employees who are preparing the slips that you have to review; and yes these requests are to make my life easier when reviewing the slips, having to click each slip to review if the address is correct or has not been changed is fine for small number of slips. But when the slips get over one hundred, it makes a difference to have them in a table format for review;

Furthermore, maybe you have been doing this since 1989 but you have no large clients who have large payrolls so a better accountant makes no difference when all the T4’s add up to over 10 million in salary and pension adjustment over 100,000. I am not talking about individual slips here, I am talking about the subtotal at the bottom of the form. Since you seem to indicate I am not that great of an accountant, how would you recommend I tell my client to reduce his payroll under 10 mil? not pay his employees? Close up shop? What should I tell his employees? Sorry, if I pay you the payroll will exceed 10 million so can you now work for free now? In addition, you do not need that many staff members with full pensions to get over $100,000. Six highly paid individuals with full pensions can easily exceed 100,000

I guess if you are only doing smaller mom and pop operations doing them yourself with out staff who can make mistakes, I guess my requests could seem unreasonable; however, if the option is there, no one is forcing you to use them unreasonable or not.

While I do appreciate your contribution to my suggestion, I do think you are a bit off the mark here.


I certainly wasn’t tearing you down. And pompous replies are just plain rude. Your post doesn’t say the adjustments would be for more than one slip. It sounds like one. Clarity in a post makes it much easier to answer without raising hackles, which I have apparently done.

I do have staff, who can and do make mistakes. My concern with your request is more that all the increasing customization and reporting abilities everyone wants Taxcycle to include, thereby making the program too resource heavy and expensive. Surely internal reports, checklists, etc. can be developed to reduce your review issues.
Somewhere along the line, the onus has to lie with the firm, not the software, when it will only benefit a few at the cost of the masses.

Well I would say that both our responses were rude. Mine was intentional because of your response, maybe you should go back and read yours and be more careful how you respond in the future. You have made your point and the good folks at Taxcycle will decide if the request is worth adding or not.


If we get TaxCycle to add everything that might be nice, it will become so expensive that I probably can’t afford it. Then I will have to go back to one of the clunker programs. I think Debbie made a very valid point in her last post.

That is possible; however, I suspect that Taxcycle will always be competitively priced with comparable programs regardless of what features are added. I do not think that changing the cell to be a bit wider or smaller font would add much more cost to the life of the program once it is done it is fixed, if they decide to allow for modification of the reconciliation sheets they will become more useful. Why do we only have column for some of the boxes on the reconciliation sheet when you could have several more boxes that need reconciling and maybe they will sell more licenses. Most of what I am asking for is an expansion of what they already have in the program so I doubt it will change the price much. I understand that some smaller practitioners are concerned about price; however, I am concerned about productivity so I can get more work out faster and correctly which in turn takes care of the price component. I guess if some of these enhancements are costly, they could charge separately from the basic T4 program if there was enough demand.

I too was wondering if there is an option to extract/download the slips in excel in a table format, showing names in colum A, follow by the boxes on the T4 slip, starting with SIN, Name, address and all the other box #s or the ones that have an amount only…DK, I hope that what’s you were requesting because of the volume of checking each slip. I too have large payroll and I you the upload function from excel to taxcycle but what about the reverse?

I concur… some of us are smaller businesses and I do not think Taxcycle mandate is to alienate us for the sake of over customization for
the few who seem to have a lot more on their plates.

BTW Please do not insult those of us who make a living helping the mom/pop operations.

Please keep this a productive forum… we are all overtired and emotions can run high and we are all going to be even more sleep deprived
as the season is only just beginning.

Thank you

I would suggest that the people with big payrolls use Sage Accounting and generate your payroll T4s and everything from there. You can export to excel and reverse. No need to make taxcyle perform huge payroll customizations. Just my take.

No need to rival big and small.

Why does everyone think that small suggestions always result in a higher price? The price is set bu the market, Taxcycle cannot charge more than their competitors or people will leave and use the competitors. If the cost of software go up, it will be going up for every product. BTW I have my share of Mom/Pop operations so I am not making fun of those; however, if you only have Mom/ pop organizations you will not see the issue with Taxcycle when it comes to dealing with T4’s

My clients choose the payroll program system they want, and then decide to have me create the T4’s for them, Your suggestion does not work, and why would I use another software when the one I use works except it cuts off the total on the reconciliation pages if your payroll gets too high. It is funny that asking for the column to be a bit wider has everyone concerned about the price going up in the software. The point of my suggestions are to make things more efficient so we can do more work in same time or the same work in less time, I prefer if the program to make my life easier which is what Taxcycle has promoted from Day 1.

For all intensive purposes, if they allowed me to export all the data into Excel table format similar to the import, I would not need other changes to the program since I would just export to excel and check the slips from there, make changes as required and re-import and print.

If there is a way to make reviewing T4’s easier, especially when there are many employees, the program should accommodate the request. It would not be a huge change, shouldn’t drive the price of the program up, and would help me review T4’s for even my “mom and pop” clients. Not all changes have to be useful for all users but a good program should be easy to enter and review the information, despite the size of the client for whom you’re doing the work. Exporting to Excel, making changes, and then importing the information is just asking for a mistake to happen.

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The T4 review summary (not the CRA summary) will be fully customizable with controllable column widths, along with the ability to order and select columns that appear.

We finished this work a couple of weeks ago but felt that the change was too risky to introduce during the busy slip filing season. You’ll see all of the summary forms in all the of the slip filing modules updated in this way for 2020.

This has been on our todo list for a few years and we this year we found the time.

How much more do you think we can charge for this?? :smiley:

Best regards,

~ Cameron


I will buy you a coffee next time you are in town, unless it is for your presentation of a taxcycle update then I will let you buy the coffee. :grinning:

Thanks @Cameron, for the update. BTW I also noticed that the Part X!.3 return is now in the T3 Modules, I will try it out later next week thanks

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Better not try it, Cameron. We like (sorry, change that to LOVE) TaxCycle and would not want you to price it out of us little people’s reach!