Design Update - Feedback Wanted

We are working on updating how the Slip and Worksheet pages look inside all the TaxCycle Modules. You have seen a preview of this if you have been using the T1 Engagement Worksheet.

We are currently working on the Slip Data Entry pages in T1 and since you are looking at this day in and day out, I would like to get your feedback on the new design. Here is a screen shot of the new page design for T4 Data Entry. Note where you see an arrow along the left side, these are sections you can collapse while you are on the form to help navigate to the sections you want more quickly. These sections will be open/expanded by default each time you open the Data Entry form.

What do you think?

The redesign of these pages won’t have much impact (if any) for our office since we use DoxCycle and post from there. As a result we spend very little time looking at this as a data entry form.

As long as the default is to open fully expanded, we will be okay.

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I am extremely impressed with the fresh look in the info and engagement look as i use doxcycle and then import it, as Mathew does

Not sure if this will set off a big debate but I always thought the order of “Prior Year” and “Total” columns should be switched.

It works for me

I like the collapse feature to be able to focus on other fields.

However, since most of the slips are already populated by AFR, when I am looking for other fields I would like to be able to see only those other fields which have data.

When I am doing my second review I would also like to be able to search for a specific box. Most of my T4 issues are will unreported boxes to match the last pay slips such use medical insurance deducted, specific taxable benefits, etc.

So, I want to be able to quickly verify if that field was completed or not,

Another issue that I have is when a client has multiple T4 slips I would like to be able to review all the slips in the T4 screen by viewing at least 3 or 4 slips at a time. This could happen quickly and easy with a view mode toggle.

I have this issue with other slips such as T4A and T4 RIF.

I would like this type of toggle for all the slips if possible.

I would also like a drill down feature from the slips form to a specific slip.

Right now the RRSP contribution form is very long and cumbersome. It would be nice to be able to have a quick slips view of the RRSP slip. I have several clients where the RRSP slips are not issued by the FI or processed by CRA until mid to late April. In most cases these relate to the Jan and Feb contributions made at the bank or made through payroll. It is a pain and causes lots of delays. By the time the slips arrive it is mid April and I need a fast way to enter these last one or two slips.

I like the feature as I do not post from DoxCycle. The most frustrating slips are T5013 slips which are hardly ever downloaded through AFR. I just reviewed a return where the client had 8 partnership slips. Most slips on that form are not used by the Brookfield partnerships. It would help in entering/reviewing those slips.

Most slips are entered through AFR and I suspect that many people review tax slips from the Slips screen which is already filtered. We still have to enter some slips so this would be good for that.

I would like to see the ability to right-click while on the Slips screen and jump to the start of various slips, similar to what is available on the RRSP screen. We have clients who have MANY T5008 forms. It would be handy to be able to skip from there to, say, the T4A slips.

Thanks for continually trying to make this easier for us.

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I second this idea… My standard review of slips involves comparing to the prior year.

However, my actual process starts with AFR, proceeding to the Slips summary to see what is missing, then moving on to the actual slips screen should I find there is missing information/slips.

As a Doxcycle user, my review process is such that

  1. I verify the slips from Doxcycle to ensure they are in Taxcycle
  2. I run the AFR
  3. I check for any slips that did not come up in AFR. As such, it is very important for me, that any slips that do not AFR be so flagged, which we have right now. However, what we do not have, is that, if the preparer ran an AFR, and did not match correctly, that slip is however not flagged that we did not have a paper slip, and can thus cause a duplication. Would like the have a permanent flag on any slip that was only entered from AFR.

It also doesn’t flag if there is any overlap between slips flagged yes and no and not just entire slips as Bert says. I just discovered that I double counted a combined slip that was flagged no with two slips that downloaded from the CRA… I think this the first time that has happened to me as I am usually very careful about checking everything. It was not a lot of income but I will need to amend the return to take out the duplication. A message that says something along the lines of “there is a slip with $12.55 in foreign taxes paid that was directly entered and a slip with $12.55 in foreign taxes that was downloaded from AFR - check that these slips are not the same” or something would be very helpful. The problem was that two downloaded slips were combined into one paper slip and he had a lot of slips so I didn’t notice… Even just putting a box in the data entry screen that you can tick that says you have the paper slip to match the download might help reduce these sorts of errors.

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I agree with your point.

Our way of resolving this is to have the preparer run a proof tape from DoxCycle to prove the taxable income and the taxes withheld at source. This, of course means that any slip that came from AFR with no matching slip from the client has to be downloaded from Rep a Client and added to DoxCycle. Having a diagnostic indicating that there is no slip in DoxCycle would help.

It would also be nice to be able to get that slip from Rep a Client into DoxCycle in one step rather than two steps. (Still hoping for a DoxCycle printer driver.)


T3 slips - I have found that if there is more than just a couple of T3’s on AFR, the absolute best way to handle those is through a spreadsheet download.

what I do is I actually give each slip a (manual) number. Now, Taxcycle will number slips, but when you delete a slip, the number changes. So it would be helpful if Taxcycle assigned a permanent number. And, to ease the matching process, that number should be in the beginning of the naming string that you can see in AFR.

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T5008 slips - will usually handle these as a spreadsheet, but, if they are imported, it would be nice if we could flip these, rather than having them as columns, taking up a lot of real estate, to have them as rows…

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I second that again :+1:

I found the separate T3’s downloaded from CRA to be a major PITA in the early years. Now not so much. I check off individual box values on the Slips Summary to the paper copies that are in my DoxCycle file. I can usually find at least one box on a T3 slip that corresponds to what’s on the Slip Summary. That helps match the other T3 slips. What would help would be a way to group T3 slips on the Slips Summary.

Being able to change the colour of the checkmarks for “First Review” would help group T3 slips that are combined on the paper copy. That would be a major improvement for my system.

What I see from these responses is that there are many ways that people use to verify the slips. It’s difficult to please us all!

Hello Sarka, one quick question: will manually inputted info appear in the CRA AFR column or will you create an additional column for it - it would be nice to have a comparison - Thank’s Klaus Theyer


Information you input manually or import from DoxCycle currently appears in its own column (the one with Amount at the top). When you download information from AFR this will be an additional column that will appear as the first column (see the example I posted). This is not being changed.


But Sarka, can you do a design change, so that info received solely from AFR is flagged as such, to warn against preparer error, andd as such, duplication…


We have audit messages set-up where AFR amounts are downloaded but no amounts entered in the Amount column.

  1. Icon will show in the side bar as yellow star (denotes AFR) and question mark (denotes audit message):

  2. Where there is AFR data and the amounts entered manually match the AFR, you will only see the icon with the yellow star.

  3. Manually entered slips with no AFR data appear as:

If an employee clears the audit message by adding the amounts downloaded from AFR we have no way of knowing if the slip came from AFR or if was input and then matched to AFR.

I will think about how we can help to flag duplicate slips if the review messages are cleared.


Great - thank you - Klaus
PS: You are all amazing - I been using TaxCycle since day one and Profile before - I love how you listen and react to customers requests. Best regards to Marc and Cameron. Klaus

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