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T4 Employee Labels

Today I am trying to figure out how to print employee address labels for T4 slips. I have searched the community, searched the Taxcycle videos, and looked at page 107 in the Taxcycle Manual, which has gotten me the closest. I feel a little dumb for having to come here and ask how to do it.

Lets say I have an employer with about 50 T4 slips. I would like to print employee address labels to Avery 5159 label sheets in order to facilitate the mailing of the T4 slips to the employees.

I opened the Client Manager and selected the Client under Batch Item. In the List Returns view I could see each employee’s name and SIN (bottom right of screen). I selected Print Labels as the Batch Operation and hit Start. Under Label I selected Avery 5159, which showed me a picture of the label sheet. Under “Template” there is nothing I can select here. I hit “Print Labels” and nothing happens except the client’s status goes to “No label template”.

So somehow I need to create a label template and this will work, or is there something more (or less) to the process?



The ability to do this is on my list of things to do, but it hasn’t made it to the top because most are using windowed envelopes.

Is there some reason a windowed envelope does not work, or some reason you prefer a label? Maybe there is some reason to move this up my priority list?

~ Cameron

Well… windowed Envelopes probably make way more sense @Cameron. :slight_smile:

If an employer has over 25 employees I usually give them their T4’s along with a couple sheets of labels.

You know me though … if there is a way of re-inventing the wheel, I’ll find it. :grinning:

Going to purchase envelopes today… please don’t re-prioritize this.