Mailing Labels for T4, T5, Releve 31 Recipients

Would anyone know what template code to produce mailing labels for the recipients of various tax slips?

Nope, but personally I just PDF 'em all and send them to the company’s owner and let them deal with it. :slight_smile:

We buy T4 specific window envelopes


We too buy T4 window envelopes, and my middle name is McArthur so I must have decided at some point that it was economical:)

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I do realize that there are windowed envelopes, but when the number of non electronic slips required are less than 35, and involves a combination of t4, nr4, T5018, and RL-31 each with different address positions, the cost of the windowed envelopes in the various sizes isn’t worth it.

I would settle for a text export. Open in notepad++, copy and paste on a label in the T1 return, print, then rinse and repeat.

Export data to CSV and mailmerge/print in Word?

@TimParris I can give you a template that lists all the addresses for slips recipients in the file. Something like this for T4 slips?

SlipRecipientsLabel.taxcycletemplate (2.1 KB)

{{#CurrentClient.T4Slips.T4}}{{#EmployeeAddress}}{{#FirstName}}{{.}} {{/FirstName}}{{#Initial}}{{.}} {{/Initial}}{{#LastName}}{{.}} {{/LastName}}
{{/AddressLine2}}{{#City}}{{.}} {{/City}}{{#Province}}{{.}} {{/Province}} {{#PostalCode}}  {{format(.)}}

I think we’ll need different templates for each slip type, though.

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Let me take a look at the label printing for slips. When will most of the slips be printed and sent? If I get this done by January 21st will I have missed the mailing window?

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These don’t need to be mailed until the end of February, so I am willing to hold on mailing them.

I buy window envelopes. No room for error when handing out the T4’s which would be a much bigger problem. So cost is so worth it.

Feb 28 is the deadline to send T4’s

@tina.starich While that is true, there are many employers who like to get out their T4s to employees earlier. I think that’s what Cameron was referring to…

Definitely need different coding for other slips.

Here is the code for the RL31:

{{#CurrentClient.RL31Slips.RL31}}{{#TenantInformation}}{{#FirstName}}{{.}} {{/FirstName}}{{#Initial}}{{.}} {{/Initial}}{{#LastName}}{{.}} {{/LastName}}
{{#Apartment}}{{.}}-{{/Apartment}}{{StreetNumber}} {{Street}}
{{#City}}{{.}} {{/City}}{{#Province}}{{.}} {{/Province}} {{#PostalCode}}  {{format(.)}}

Just a note to say that I am still working on the labels. It’s pretty much done except that the print label dialog is a little unwieldy now. I’m working on that and we’ll post a beta with the new feature on the community early next week after we’ve done a little testing.

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