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Employer's Address Printing Outside Box on T4 Slip

On all the T4 slips that I had prepared a few weeks ago, the Employer’s name and address fit nicely into the Box that says “Employer’s Name”. The last line in the Employer’s area of the T4 slip contained the City, Province, Postal Code, and Country.

I had a couple more sets of T4’s to complete this weekend. While checking over the T4’s I notice the Country (CAN) now prints on its own line, right through the dark black line forming the bottom of the Employer’s area.

Hopefully its not one of those things that affects just my system… and I recon it must have happened in a recent update.

Not a big deal… it’s only an aesthetic issue, but it doesn’t look as professional as a couple of weeks ago.

I can attach screenshot to show visual description if necessary.


Please attach a screen shot so that we can make sure we’re fixing the right thing… If you don’t want to post it to the forum just send us an email.

~ Cameron

The first attachment is from a set of T4 slips that I prepared earlier in the season, and the second attachment is from a set of T4 slips that I prepared on Saturday. I have highlighted the area that I am talking about. If this is not happening on your end, then don’t bother too much about it, as I only have a couple of sets left to prepare this season, and I doubt its anything that bothers the employee.

I have not made any changes here except for installing Taxcycle updates as they become available. This happens to me on every T4 slip now, regardless of the length of any of the names and addresses in the issuer fields. As you can see by the 3rd screenshot, the Country (CAN) is even out of bounds when working with an employee’s T4 slip inside the software.

Prepared in January

Prepared on Saturday

Screen View from Taxcycle

FYI. I looked at my T4 slips a little closer.

EDIT: On my employer section CAN is like your first slips.

On the Employee section mine CAN is always dropped down a line, but the box surrounding the Employee details has expanded and is CAN is included inside.

On another note I have noticed whenever an initial is included in the employee’s name it is dropping down to a line lower sitting right below the first letter of the last name.

We will look into adjusting this for next release

~ Rob