Mailing Labels

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I’m trying to print some labels in the T5 module but even though there seems to be templates in the system, none are available to select in the drop down menu and so the system will not allow me to print any.

Perhaps the easier question here is… is there a way to print mailing labels for a set of T4s (ie a label for each T4 recipient)?

T4 envelopes are not all that reasonable in the pricing department.


I asked a couple of years ago and discovered that buying envelopes was actually a better way to go. I assume the cost of the envelope could be a bit higher than a label and a regular envelope, but not likely by much. Now I simply purchase 500 Double Window T4 Envelopes from Staples Business Advantage for about $150, which works out to about 30 cents a piece. The T-slips fit the envelopes nicely and they look pretty professional. If you don’t need the Double Window then I think you can get the same size for about $126 for 500. The exact size is 5.75" x 9". This size envelope takes a Canada “P” stamp as it is not considered by Canada Post to be oversized.

You might need to login to see their pricing, so I have listed today’s prices.
82.99 + 13 shipping

@joe2 – Printing T4 labels has been on our to-do list for a while, but it’s never made it to the top because most people use the windowed envelopes.

The envelopes may be a little more expense, but they eliminate the risk of sending the wrong slip to someone when your label is mismatched…

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I use the single window envelopes from Staples. Cost effective and no sending to the wrong person.

Now that we can email them, I have sent form letters to the employers to get their employees consent and email addresses. Looks like only 2 packs of envelopes will be needed this year! (vs 6 last year)

Our local IDA just had a flyer in the local paper: 500 T4 single window for $59.99 and 500 double window for $79.99.

If you have an IDA in your area, and you haven’t bought yours yet, you can see if they offer the same pricing.

Already bought the 2018 stock from Staples and have already stuffed over 130 T4s for one client.

At these prices, I am stocking up for the next few years.

@helga_spence - I would not buy more envelopes than you need for one year. The CRA can and has changed the positioning of the address on the form.