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T2CIFWS review messages

Is there any chance the following review messages could be modified so they could be turned off:

Quite a few external contractors do work for our firm, and I have not included these details in our external options profile intentionally because these contractors would never file a return on our behalf (the file has to go through our review process, etc.). The review messages have just caused some confusion in our contractor workforce and ideally I’d like to just be able to tell them to turn them off.

Thanks for your consideration!


You can give them a fictitious efile number, password in the option file they are using and when you get the file and open it, you will get a review message to change to your efile number. I do not think they are going to let this message be signed off.


I’m wondering aloud if you turn off the “Can Transmit” setting for T2CIF in the Transmission Workflow. If you turn that off, we may be able to hide those review messages. I’d like to discuss it with my team before I make any promises though…

~ Cameron

Thanks for your consideration Cameron!

I’ve turned off the “can transmit” setting for the T2CIF in our external options profile.