T2 Federal Installment Remittance Frequency Review Message

Is there any chance a review message could be setup (perhaps through new file defaults, etc.) that would bring to a reviewer’s attention if the T2 installment worksheet is set to a quarterly remittance frequency (instead of monthly)?

Because it is a bit tricky to tell if a client meets all the requirements of perfect compliance, etc., we tend to override the remittance frequency to monthly on the majority of our files unless absolutely certain. This has snuck through our review process a few times, and resulted in some questions from clients, and interest owing (which we usually end up covering). We ask our preparers not to assume perfect compliance unless they’re certain; however, through busy season I think those little check boxes tend to get ticked without enough thought sometimes, so a review message would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your consideration!

Would it be sufficient to add a review message that defaults to off? Those that want to use it would need to turn it on in the options…

Absolutely, I think that would be a great way to implement it.

Was this optional review message added?

Ran into this issue again today, was looking to turn the optional review message on but I haven’t spotted it. May have fallen off the radar given the timing of my request in the lead up to T1 season? Also a good chance I’m just looking in the wrong place!

@rick.s Look for it in the next release. You can turn it on in Options by selecting the checkbox.

Thanks so much Steven!