T2 Info Screen - Ontario S546

I was wondering if it might be possible in some future update to have the ability to select “Never show this message for any clients” in the Review Diagnostics with regard to the Ontario T2SCH546 at the bottom of the Info Screen?

The diagnostic review message specifically says “As of May 15, 2021, you can no longer file the Ontario Corporations Information Act annual return, form T2SCH546, T2SCH547, and T2SCH548 with the Canada Revenue Agency. For updated information on filing an Ontario corporation annual return, go to ontario.ca/businessregistry”

Even in the T2 Options under Review this review message can’t be neutered.

As of May 15th, and until further notice the Ministry of Government Services has exempted all Ontario corporations from having to file these annual information returns. They don’t get filed in the tax software and they don’t get filed at all.

I have to sign off this diagnostic review message on every T2 file. I wouldn’t have thought this message to be of such importance that it can’t be unchecked from appearing on every single Ontario T2 file.

I’m not sure why some of the review messages can be checked/unchecked and others can not. Not being able to permanently uncheck some of the CCA review messages has always been a nuisance. One single CCA over-ride in any module always generates at least 3 specific review messages… none of which can be turned off in Options.

The CRA review message type (the messages with CRA error # in them) are prescribed by the CRA and are required for us to have in TaxCycle. This CRA message type, by design, cannot be permanently turned off for all files as that can get us in trouble.

When I added that message, rather than creating a new message and type, I simply used the existing CRA message. But, on retrospect, I should have created a new review message and should have made it a type “caution” so you can permanently turn them off for all T2 files.

I totally get why you would want that. I will make that change for you in the next release coming up soon.


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Does this mean that the S546 will never have to be filed, or will we have to go back and complete all the one’s we’re doing now in the future. Can someone give a link to where the Ont gov’t exempts this filing please? Thanks!

==>As of May 15th, and until further notice the Ministry of Government Services has exempted all Ontario corporations from having to file these annual information returns. They don’t get filed in the tax software and they don’t get filed at all.

Annual return

There will be a change to the Corporations Information Act annual return process.

This change includes:

  • As of May 7, 2021, the annual return forms will no longer be available for download from Canada.ca.
  • As of May 15, 2021, the annual return will no longer be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Effective May 15, 2021 and until further notice, corporations are temporarily exempted from the annual return filing requirement, if the return is due during this period . Sign up to receive updates about the Ontario Business Registry and the end of the temporary exemption. Find out more information about the regulation.

We will update this section as more information is available.

What I have not been able to determine is what to do about S546’s that were previously due?

This fix is also in today’s release that is available for download now.

Why does it still calculate the provincial taxes and include them in what is owed if we cannot submit the schedules for Ontario?

This has nothing to do with income tax. The CRA still administers and collects Ontario corporate income tax on behalf of the province.

The schedules that are no longer submitted with the T2 are those MGS Information Returns (ie Schedules 546, 547 etc) that provide the address of the corporation along with Director & Officer information to the Ontario Ministry of Government Services.

The whole system of keeping track of Ontario corporations and their registry is being overhauled.

In fact, just today Service Ontario published an update relating to the new Ontario Business registry.



It looks like for Ontario corporations with a filing date after October 18, 2021 the Ontario Annual Return (former provincial schedules s546, 547, 548) will be required again. No word on whether this could still be done via the T2 software but I get the feeling the answer will be no. It almost seems they want every Ontario corporation to have a provincial account where they can update the address, director & officer information themselves.

Annual Returns Exemption
Corporations with annual return filings that fall between May 15, 2021 and October 18, 2021 are exempt from filing an annual return this year. This one-time exemption only applies if the return is due during this period. Corporations that meet the criteria for the exemption should return to their regular filing schedule in 2022.

The exemption from the annual return filing requirement does not apply if your corporation’s annual return due date is October 19, 2021 or later.