T2 Contact Person review message

In the vast majority of cases we like to be the contact person indicated on a T2 for our corporate clients. Is there any chance a review message could be added to notify us if the “Contact person” check box on the Info form under the contact section isn’t set to “Use Firm”?

I’m not sure if this would be one everyone would want to see, so maybe it could be turned off by default?

Thanks for your consideration!

Just to be clear, you’re talking about this section of the info form, right?

Our normal approach to this would be to add a “New File Default”, which would populate the question whenever a new file is created. Here’s what the new option would be:

Contact person
No default
Use signing officer
Use firm

For all files, we then add a review message if the selection does not match your setting. Can you confirm this will help you do what you want?

~ Cameron

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Yes, that’s the section I was talking about, and your solution would be a perfect fix in our case.

Thank again for your help Cameron!


Unfortunately this change did not make it in time for today’s release, but we’ve not forgotten. I’ll get to it soon.

~ Cameron

No problem, thank you.