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T2 Optimization Review Messages

I think I have one bug and one suggestion here:

The bug is that one of our preparers had selected a T2 optimization target of 1 to minimize taxable income without the a) or b) sub-option selected. For some reason this was limiting the CCA claim, although if either option a) or b) are selected it maximizes the CCA claim (which is correct as this client has significant taxable income). There was also no review message generated to flag that option a) and b) were left blank, which I think should be the case.

The second issue is likely a suggestion, although I was under the impression that if an item in a tax return was set to something that doesn’t align with your defaults established in options, a review message would be generated? Maybe I have that wrong, in which case I would like to suggest a new review message in regards to T2 optimizations. Our office defaults for T2 optimization are as follows:


It would definitely be our preference to have a review message if the T2 doesn’t align with these optimization settings exactly. I appear to get a review message when no optimizations are turned on at all, but on the return described above the optimization target was set incorrectly and it nearly slipped past at the review stage.

Thanks for your consideration!


If sub option a or b is missing, TaxCycle will trigger a review message. Look for it in the next major T2 release. For the second issue, I will log a suggestion in our system. Thanks for your suggestion.


Assign the suggestion to me, please. I’ll do it!

~ Cameron

@Steven @Cameron - thanks so much you guys!

Hey @Cameron, don’t you already have a full page of assignments from yesterday in Kelowna? :wink::laughing:

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