Diagnostic Messages after CIF and Locking T2

I don’t think this is anything important, but prior to filing a T2 return I had no diagnostic messages under the “Review” section of Taxcycle. The T2 efiled just fine using CIF and afterwards, when prompted, I locked the T2 return. The locking of the return caused the following 2 diagnostic messages as follows;

5YearComp S1: Locked No description. Taxcycle calculated 0.10223
5YearComp S1: Locked No description, Taxcycle calculated 0.10027

I don’t know what these really mean, as opening the 5YearComp S1 does not give me any type of hint or indication of what Taxcycle may not be happy with.


Any chance you can send us this file (via e-courier, preferably) with the identifying information removed?

It could be showing a field that’s not relevant for that return but for some reason hasn’t been excluded from the variance.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

Thanks Cam

e-courier package has been sent.

When I unlock the file the messages disappear, when I lock the file again they re-appear.


Thanks… we’ve investigated this and the values in question relate to some behind the scenes calculations that aren’t related to this return (for the Alberta return, which isn’t relevant in this case)… you can safely ignore them.

We’re changing the way this calculation works to solve this for future… expect that change in a week or two.

In the mean time, the return is fine…

I appreciate your help with this.

~ Cameron

No worries,

The diagnostic messages didn’t seem like anything that was too important to the filing of the return.