T2202 missing SIN

I am doing a T1 for a client’s child, first year University student, I got a T2202 from her, but AFR didn’t download a copy from CRA. After double checking her paper T2202, it didn’t have her SIN on it, so quite possible that T2202 was issued without SIN.

I don’t know how often these things happens, and I don’t even know how the school is able to issue the T2202 without the SIN

I told her to talk to the school about resubmitting the T2202, but if the school refuses to do it, what would be the best way to handle this?

I am thinking, maybe paper return and attach the T2202, or file it without the T2202, and later ask for adjustment.


I frequently see many slips (all types) missing in on the CRA side thus not available for AFR download. In that instance I include the actual slips manually on the return.

In this case, it is odd the school didnt include the SIN on the T2202 as most of those forms are automatically generated and like a T4slip, will flag an error if there is a required data field missing. Ask her to contact the school to correct, however as an additional documentation safeguard, ask her to download confirmation of enrollment letter (One from Winter 2021 and Fall 2021) from the school portal. This is typically used to request withdrawals on RESP funds from bank so its a bona fide document confirming enrollment by the student in the specific calendar year.

usually the student can sign in to their university account to obtain the form.
You can input it, and use it without an AFR download.

It is still wise for the student to provide that information (SIN#) to their educational institution.

I’d file it properly with the T2202 included. If they do a review on it later, just submit it with the case # electronically under rep a client. If they can get the institution to amend it, the amended will show up for slip matching and you wouldn’t even see a review.

If it was on AFR, at some point it also had a SIN attached to it, otherwise there would be no way of matching it to the student’s AFR file. I would assume a printing error by the school. But if it’s on AFR there is no reason for CRA to verify it from you…they’ll go to the school if they want to check methodology.

If the Tuition Fees are being transferred…get the student to either re-download a corrected version from the school’s website, or have a convo with Admin.

I did ask her to check the school portal, and she was able to download another T2202 from the school portal.

And I don’t know if this is privacy issue that school requires student to enter SIN every year now, even their record might have it already.

I am taking the CPA indepth tax program, and they have been asking me to enter my SIN for the T2202 in the second year, said they don’t the SIN anymore, and it’s required every year.