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Tuition not on T2202A


I am wondering where to claim tuition/exam fees paid which a T2202A was not provided. If I enter it on line 2 of SCH 11 it will give an override warning. What have others used in this event?


Maybe first try asking the student to log in to his/her account at their educational institution and download the T2202A / TL11B / TL11A / TL11C … - personally, I never want to enter anything without documentation…

[Efilers manual: “Deal directly with the client and take proper care to verify their identity. Slips and other documentation from which the return was prepared must be seen.” (sic)]


If a qualified educational institution has received tuition they ALWAYS provide a T2202A.
If your student doesn’t have one, one of three things is true:

  1. The eligible tuition was less than $100 in the taxation year (remember that a term that crosses over Dec 31 is split into two years of slips) (books don’t count)
  2. The school is not a qualified educational institution
  3. The student has not downloaded the slip from his/her student profile (the most common problem)

And FYI, driving schools don’t qualify…

I second Joe’s thoughts. I never claim tuition without seeing the slip. I’ve never had a client “ball-park” the figure and be correct.

For exam fees, which you don’t get a T2202A for, I still enter them as a T2202A. In the end, doesn’t really make a difference how entered - 9 times out of 10 CRA is going to ask for the documents anyway.

So my client sent me screen shot of her confirmation of payment and registration and the time frame. I told her this is a University you need to contact them they need to provide you with a t2202 form. I am correct in my thinking right.
Because she is trying to tell me they will not provide one. Yes this is a Canadian University in Ottawa.

Did you client actually go into her student account and look for tax receipts as this is where the University puts them?

they often have to log in to their school site and print them off themselves, they dont send them out anymore.

This sounds profoundly disappointing, as this appears to indicate only one of two possibilities:

  1. The student is exhibiting less than honesty to their tax preparer,
  2. This student of superior higher education, reserved for the high IQ intellectually gifted in society, who already has been studying at that institution since at least last year, among peers of similar above-average high IQs, does not have the skills sufficient to either log into their own account or to ask one of the administrators by telephone…
    Or possibly
    (3) It is not a University at all, but a business pulling a fast one on naive students…
    In any event, before entering in anything into the tax software, I would ensure that the (T2202) documentation is in hand. One would think that the student would prefer to pay less tax, rather than more, and would be motivated to be more helpful… :grinning:

@mgbtax gbtax @jalbooks I did tell them to log in She said she doesn’t have a login account. the schooling was only for 3 months.

@joe.justjoe1 thank you for your comment. The school is legit and her receipt of payment is legit.

I have finally been able to convince her to call the school and ask them again. I do know we need the t2202 form but was just wondering if anything had changed for tuition fees. Things change all the time. LOL

I’m sure we all have clients who submit incorrect tuition receipts, normally in the first year their baby goes to post-secondary school. My solution is to tell them to contact the school and that without the T2202A, I can’t claim any tuition expense. There are only two universities in Ottawa that I’m aware of. They both provide legal T2202A forms, easily accessible to the students. I have clients who get them every year from both universities.

@Kevin There are actually 3 Universities in Ottawa.
Besides Carlton University and the University of Ottawa, the one that’s probably not on your radar is St. Paul’s University, which is a Catholic University which focuses on Theological studies, Canon Law, Social Justice, Ethics, Counseling, Leadership, Spirituality.

Algonquin Community College in Ottawa is also quite large and issues T2202’s.

That’s interesting. I knew about Algonquin but have never heard of St Paul’s. You learn something new every day.