T2202 Student tax form

Hello. I haven’t got my SIN on this form and I don’t think the college is going to let me add it and re-download. I’m worried this means I will lose my 15% tax refund on my tuition fees. Is there any other document I can provide that will confirm my SIN identity without a doubt? Or will it be okay?

Just manually input the data.
The CRA will accept it on the first assessment but may ask for it on the second one (around June/July)
Make sure to provide your SIN# to your educational institution for future slips and still attempt to get the document for this year,

Oh its find to just edit the PDF? I thought if the font looked different they’d get funny with me for adding it in myself. Also i changed college (humber toronto jan 2021 to march 2021) then SAIT calgary may 2021 to date, i should give them both T2202s? (both missing SIN)

No - it is NOT fine to “just edit” a form issued by someone else. Get them to amend the form.

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“Oh its find to just edit the PDF? I thought if the font looked different they’d get funny with me for adding it in myself.”

I don’t believe that is what what dawna777 was suggesting…

Fraudulently altering legal documents issued by somebody else is seriously frowned on by authorities in Canada.

You might have bigger issues than at first indicated if all colleges you have attended do not have your proper ID.

You should contact all colleges you attend and ensure that you have provided them with proper ID, and that they have it recorded in their systems.

After you have done that, they can issue you with correct tax documentation, and then you will be good to go!

apologies - I should have been more clear.
Manually enter the T2202 to the tax return (as opposed to download from CRA)
The government does not ever see your T2202 unless they request it - which they might on the second pass of assessments.
So, usse the T2202 on your tax return and follow up with your educational institution for a proper one.

" (as opposed to download from CRA)"

Will not be able to be downloaded from CRA at all in the circumstances described.

Precisely. … ergo manual input of T2202 to the tax return.

The college said I had to input my SIN by February otherwise after that they won’t re issue…should they have to re-issue as it’s still before the filing date?

I assume that it is really up to the educational institution and their policies.
Failure to provide your educational institution with your SIN# can result in a CRA penalty for YOU.
You cannot really expect the university to chase every student for the required information.

My suggestion, for what its worth, is to call the CRA 1-800-959-8281 and speak with someone regarding the situation.

If legitimately paid and claimable, I’d make the claim and await CRA. If - and only if - they requested the receipt I’d submit it as given … name is on it if not SIN, and await. If denied, Notice of Objection.