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Student Forget to provide T2202 of previous year

A student forget to provide T2202 for a previous year 2017?

Do he needs to refile Tax Return with Amendements?
does he can use his year 2017 T2202 in his current 2019 Tax return to claim?

If you read the Income Tax Act, you will find that 2017 needs to be fixed up first, then 2018, before you can move on to 2019.

Ask the student to study the Income Tax Act better, if they want to graduate (and also to avoid CRA tax fines and penalties…)… :wink:

You have to amend the 2017 return. But, you can use REFILE only if you filed the original 2017 T1. If someone else filed the original T1, you must send in a T1-ADJ or make the adjustments on RAC.

Correction, you can use REFILE if the original return was electronically filed. I can’t recall if it is required that the original return is EFILE or if NETFILE is also acceptable, but I have REFILED a return where I did not file the original return.

(Unless they changed the rules in the past year or so…)

Ah… New information, so even if currently I am authorized for his Tax returns through Aut1

Wow… Thanks Tim, So you refiled where as you didn’t filed his previous year. But anyway, from your point of view, its clear that can be done by refile,

Thanks for correcting me. I just assumed we weren’t allowed to do that, but I take it you’ve done it and haven’t had CRA complain or reject it?

On the other hand, in order to REFILE, you still have to enter in all the details from the original tax return, then take a snapshot, then update the numbers to have TaxCycle recognize it as “rework”. Or is there a way around that, too?

Excellent… we all are learner and learning from our seniors,

Thank You Tim, for clarification,