Error T815

Has anyone else had issues obtaining authorization for foreign students who has a registered name under family name only, as per their SIN registration? Both names are noted a family name only. Is there a work around this issue. I have a copy of their SIN registration and study permit. Taxcycle will not allow me to complete the info without the first name.

Try to write the first name in the first name field and the last name as per the SIN form. It’s sometimes working.

Thank you, but I tried every type of format. Nothing worked.

You need to save after each change and before submitting again.

oh, okay… thank you for the tip. I will try that.

It did not work :frowning: I tried with First name, Last name; Last name, First name; Both names in First name and last name.
My client will have to contact CRA I guess. Thank you again though

If the client’s SIN form shows the last name as “First Last” then you need to put “First” in the first name field and “First Last” (precisely as the SIN Form) in the last name field. Now save it and try to submit it.

That did not work either. Boo :frowning: The sin form shows on the line only of family name: which is their first name and last name. I am not sure why Service Canada and CRA are not connecting the dots. This is completely such a waste of time trying figure out how to efile these individuals. Thank you so much for all your help.

Enter the names as they should be and check off “Did taxpayer’s last name change in 2021” on the Info tab.

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Contact EFile help desk and the will tell you exactly how to enter it.
If I am not mistaken, because he is filling the firs time you enter first and last name together to submit the authorization form. Then before you file his tax return, you enter it correctly and put a check mark on name changed.

I just did another one. here is the example:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name: John Smith
Now when I prepare his T1, I enter John as first name and John Smith as the last name. It worked for me.