Is there a module I can create multiple T2200 forms in? I need to create them for some staff.

At present there is not, to my knowledge. Suggest they be in the T4 module, as also logically the CPP and EI forms should be…

Right now…we have the form in the T1 module and it is multi-form so it can be generated for more than one individual.

~ Rob

Respectively, you can’t generate more than one copy in the T1 Module for people other than the taxpayer, without overriding the SIN, Name and Address.

This would be really helpful to be in the T4 Module for the employees. Right now I have to copy of the info from the T4 to the T1 module for each employee.

I agree with the comments made by TimParris. It would be super grand if they would carry forward like the T4 data as well, then we don’t have to redo work every year. Right now we are using Profile to create T2200 for our staff. Painful!

Thanks for the input, we will see if we can get it in for a release over the coming weeks.

~ Rob


Thank you for adding the T2200 to the T4 Section… makes sense… BUT is there a way to setup default answers for all employees… or do I have to check off all boxes to all the questions for all 125 employees on each person’s form ? and do I have to go into each individual T4 and tell system I want to have a T2200 generated or is there a way I can select ALL on the info form ?

At present 80% of the employees either qualify with all similar checkmarks, etc… the variable being the kms reimbursed…the other 20% form is setup slightly different. In the past I have used 2 T2200 PDFs that i override their name and the variable… Save and keep going…and I don’t bother completing the SIN, Address, as too cumbersome.


Thanks for the input, we wanted to ensure it was working as expected by users before adding defaults - we will look at adding something in a subsequent release to have a default for the T2200.

~ Rob