PDF T4's T5's with individual file names

Ok, everytime I try something new I get stuck.

I am trying to print a PDF with each T4 slip in it’s own file so I can send them to the individuals. (Actually so I can send to my clients so they can send to the individuals).

So I would have something like 'Fred Smith 2014 T4.pdf.

{FirstName} {LastName} T4 {ReturnYear} <-- This is my setting for the Print forms both for the 1 form and for the print job that I am trying to set up.

What I get is a file with My name and I get a payroll page PLUS the T4. (when I use the 1 form print)

If I set up a print job with the same parameters ‘ALL’ the T4 slips go to one file – again with My Name in the file name. Not sure why my name shows up, I am only the preparer.

The best I can get is a file with the name of the company and (1) (2) etc. I can manually save them all, but I have a few to do.

Surely someone must have done this, that is have a print job that prints each TSlip to a separate pdf file with the employees name so it can be sent to the individuals. I can split them out or do some manual printing but something isn’t quite right here.

So if someone could just explain to the Taxcycle Newbie how this works, I would appreciate that.


We don’t support creating separate PDFs for each employee. It’s on the top of our list of things to do for next year for sure. (And by next year I mean April, since we typically release the T4/T5 modules in May)

For bonus points we’d like to have an option to generate the emails and send them directly to the recipient. The trick is finding a secure way to do this.

~ Cameron

Well that really is too bad. What a lot of extra work for me. I have to split up each set of T4’s T5’s, T5018s and rename to send to my clients.

One of things I liked about TaxCycle was the ability to be even more paperless. I print off very little.


Sorry… I built a prototype of this about 2 weeks ago, but the change was too significant to release in the middle of slip filing season. We will solve this very soon, when we have more time to test and get feedback from our community.

~ Cameron