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Additional T4 slip

Hey there,
Any suggestions on how to internet transfer additional T4 slips in taxcycle?
Do we just submit the new slips with the originals that we have already transmitted?
Or do we mark them as Amended?

If they are AMENDED slips, then you have to set them to “Amended” on each T4 slip. There is no such thing as ADDITIONAL T4 slips (unlike T5 slips). You can’t file more than one T4 slip for each employee, from a single company (business number).

I’ve to add another employee which was missed in the already transmitted T4 summary. I marked that T4 as amended. How can I resubmit the T4 summary along with new T4 added? Do I’ve to select “dismiss the result and start again” option from transmission ?

@abdussammad, if that employee was not included in the original T4 submission, his/her T4 is not an “Amended” slip - it is an “Original”. I have not run into that scenario myself, so I’m not sure how TaxCycle handles it. I would guess that you have to “Dismiss the result and start again”, but also you would “un-check” all the T4 slips you previously filed, so they do not get filed again.

Just thought of another option - you could save that single T4 slip in a file of its own. This way, you wouldn’t have to “dismiss the result” of the original filing, and you would have records for both filings.

Good idea… I’ll consider this if there is no other way

If you dismiss and start again, the new slip you added will be shown as “original”, you will still have your confirmation numbers from your previous filing on both the T4 data entry worksheet in the slip transmission history and the “Internet” worksheet. So if you don’t want to you don’t need to create a separate file.

~ Rob


Thanks for clarifying @Rob!

I was reluctant in clicking ‘dismiss and start again’ but now it gets clarified

Thank you!