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T2200 in T4 module

Thank you for making the Print category and an easier way of preparing T2200 slips…

Last Year, I asked but no reply… is there a way or could you consider allowing some form of template to allow default answers for T2200 slips per file ?

Have a client with over 140 employees… all same job description, same tick boxes, etc… would make life easier if I could fill in a template and then override where necessary.

Unfortunately, in this case it is still quicker to pre-fill a PDF form with all the ticks, etc… and only enter in the employee names, than it is to go through 140 forms and tick boxes on two pages.

Thank you for your consideration

Would a carry-forward option for this form be helpful?


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Hi Sarka,

Not in my case as it is not always the same employees, year to year and I feel we would miss some with a carry forward option.

** I do like the auto create T2200 for the T4s I have as then we get the employee SIN and Address already populated. Unfortunately, to
individually complete is very cumbersome… as it is mostly the same data and check marks… other than the exact amount paid out for mileage and the dates of employment may vary.**

** Presently I create a “sort of” Template PDF version of the form (using adobe)with all the ticks, company name, areas of travel, default
dates etc… and on the employee side… I modify Employee Name, $ amounts for Travel, Change dates of employment where applicable … print form and then modify same form, print, repeat… each individual employee form is not saved but I do scan all the
printed forms and keep in a file for that year.**

** Hope this helps you see my workflow… one person office thus no additional clerks to do data entry… trying to find ways to save time
and keep the accuracy,**

Thank you again for your consideration,


Hello Rachel,

Although I haven’t tried it personally, I suspect you could use the Excel import option in TaxCycle (on the Data tab). You could create an export file with all the default answers you want to set (job title, check boxes, etc), then anytime you’re creating a new T2200, simply import the Excel template.


Thank you Rich, this is what I was going to suggest as an interim solution.

To create an XLS template, you would go to the T2200, set all your default fields, then go to Data>Excel Import>Create Excel Template. In the field selection dialogue, make sure to select all of the fields with the employee information and business address in it so when you import the excel into TaxCycle these fields will also be populated. Just one caveat, if you go this route, do not select “Create T2200” on the T4 or you will end up with duplicate forms.

In the excel template you have created, copy your default rows to all the applicable rows and add the other details.

Save your excel file and then import to TaxCycle using the Data>Excel Import> Import Excel Worksheet.

This will create all the T2200 forms (one form for each row with data in your excel spreadsheet).

The benefit of this is that you will then have all these forms in TaxCycle and if you need to make any amendments, you are not starting from scratch.

Longer term, I think what might make more sense for this form (given the number of boxes involved) would be to set-up a Copy Form option which would allow you to set-up the form once and then copy and paste into each T2200 you are preparing. I will add this to our customer suggestion tracking.

If you could send me a list of the fields you would typically want to set-up as defaults that would be helpful.


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Thank you Sarka… … but I am totally lost…

** I exported the Spreadsheet… now do what ? I do not work with import /export and this is not self explanatory as I do not even understand
what it is I am doing.**

Attached is a small sample of what it looks like… what info do I put in and where ?

I had completed the defaults I wanted … exported and it is 3 rows high with Columns that go to CH.

Very grateful for any help on this

Hi Rachel,

Each row in the spreadsheet (starting in row 6) would represent one form. Each column represents a field on the form. If you format row 3 to show the text at an angle it may help to better show what each column corresponds to.

You can fill in row 6 with your defaults and then copy this row down for each new employee you want to add in the spreadsheet. When you import, each row (starting at row 6) will create a new T2200 in TaxCycle using the data entered in the relevant columns.

I have seen some preparers create a more user-friendly input version in a second tab in the worksheet and then use formulas to populate the Export tab.

If you need more help, please feel free to call the support line at 1-888-841-3040. They can walk you through how to populate the template.