T2125 Printing

When printing the T2125, the pages after the Page 1 Area A - Calculation of capital cost allowance (CCA) claim - print up side down. I can flip pages but it is a bit of a nuisance.

I have the same issue, but as I have 3 work locations, I assumed it was a printer thing. On mine, it’s pages 1-2 of the jacket. I print double-sided, so I have to flip one sheet before assembling. I have a Brother MFC-L8850CDW which prints fine. The troublemaker is my Brother MFC-9340CDW. Would be nice if we could give all our clients a pdf version. I know one CPA who charges an extra $75 to do a paper copy. He’s increasing it to $125 to see if he gets 100% pdf.

We have the same issue with printing the few returns we print.
Out of 525 returns we print only 30 for some computer averse seniors. The rest of our clients upload info and download their returns from ShareFile. We provide pdf copies of US and CDN returns, proof of filing, signatures are via Esignature or Docusign or in person. We have had to go this route in order to facilitate dealing with clients working in 17 countries and corp clients in 3 states as well as 5 provinces.

I know it is not the main topic of this thread, but I’m just curious about the Esignature and Docusign comment by Gabe…I thought that T1013s and T183s require an actual signature as opposed to a digital signature. Has that CRA position/policy changed?

Good question. T183 e-signature validity seems to be up for debate. Also seems to vary by the e-signature type - pen tool, signature image, or computer generated.



T183s must be human-signed (even if such signature is electronically transmitted).


Note: Electronic or digital signatures that are obtained through the use of signature software, as well as the use of signature labels or stamps, are not acceptable on Form T183.

Because we supply them to CRA electronically, they have no idea if they were signed in person (ie present with preparer) or not. But no Docusign or Acrobat sigs acceptable.

(They even pooped all over themselves last year when people submitted T183s signed on the wrong line! Idiot bureaucrats…just my opinion!)

It is a printer thing
When printing 2 sided you must tell the printer if you want it to print LONG side or SHORT side