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Did something happen to the CRA copy

I need to print a CRA copy of a return for a deceased client - has capital losses on line 127 so e-file rejected it. So I tried to print the CRA copy to pdf to send to the executor but my only choices are Client and Office copy. The CRA Condensed that is normally there isn’t for any of my clients. Did I miss a box in set up somewhere? I can see the CRA Condensed print set in printer options but can not get it to show up in the selections when I go to actually print something.

EFILE worksheet. 14. Yes

Might make it show up.

Maybe you should figure out why it was rejected though?

Yes on Efile worksheet #14 worked. Should have thought of that. I went back and looked at the rejection notice and I read it wrong the first time. I think it was rejected because the net capital losses from earlier years are not included. As I don’t have them I think I will just print the return out and send it in. Any losses won’t help and the CRA Condensed copy is only 7 pages with nothing to be attached to it in the way of slips.