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T2 Workflow

I am just so impressed with the new T1 Workflow that I would like to see a comparable T2 Workflow in the 2018-2019 Taxcycle version.

Then add a slips and forms workflow in the 2019-2020 Taxcycle version.

They exist now.


I see the current T2 workflow. It is a good start. Would like to see enhancements, especially integration with slips workflow.

Do you have an example of the type of integration you’re looking for? For example, would you like to see [automatic] tasks added for when you create T4/T5/T5018 slips from your T2 return and/or tasks added to the Slips returns when those slips are published?


In the T2 workflow I would like specific workflow modules for each SlipSum so that I know when those are complete.

With the majority of corporations with a Dec 31 year end, the tasks during Jan, Feb, and Mar have to be reflecting in multiple workflow locations - T2, Slips, T1.

T4, T4A, T5, T5018.

SlipsSum Workflow

Engagement and Planning
—Planning completed.
—Client engagement package sent.
—Engagement letter signed and on file.

—Source docs received.
—Data entry complete.

—First review complete.
—Second review complete.

Client Approval
—Client approval complete.
—SlipSum Printed
—SlipSum signed
—SlipSum and Slips sent to client.

—Sumit to CRA
—AFR ready

SlipsSum Engaged and Planned for this T2

SlipsSum in Preparation for this T2

SlipsSum in Review for this T2

SlipsSum in Client Approval for this T2

SlipsSum in Filed for this T2 (show when in AFR for T1)

In addition to the Slips Sum add the following workflow categories.


  1. Schedule 50 - shareholders match corporate records
  2. Balance sheet - Retained earnings match from prior year.
  3. Income statement - Taxes payable match.
  4. Dividends declared match.
  5. Dividends paid match.
  6. Schedule 1 match.

I am just setting up my T2 Workflow. It all seems to be working pretty well but I just efiled an AB T2 with an exemption from filing the AT1. The tax return knows it is complete after I file the T2 but the Workflow still shows as “In progress” on the Transmission and Filing. I don’t see a way to check off that it is done. Can you integrate it so that however the program knows it is ready to lock after T2 transmission can also carry into the Workflow?

I’ve been following the various workflow posts with interest before customizing my own. Some of these items that users want incorporated into the workflow almost seem like they would be better entered as “messages” to be checked off in the preparation of the return. In particular, I’m thinking of some of the items mentioned above like matching corporate records to Schedule 50, matching dividends declared and ensuring the opening retained earnings is correct (there are already error messages for these). All are good things to check but perhaps better as messages to be dealt with during preparation than added to the workflow.

To do so, I would prefer that the ability to create custom messages be better incorporated into the program. I know there was a way of doing this put forward some time back but it was pretty involved and required some HTML skills that the average user likely doesn’t have. An easier way of adding customized messages that can be checked off during preparation of the returns would be my preference.

The program shows when individual messages were checked and by whom. Is there a way of printing the messages with the information on who checked them off?

I would prefer to keep the workflow more general and not populate it with workflow items that may not apply to all clients.



Good idea about keeping workflow clean and using messages instead. Simpler and more elegant. Thank you for considering options.