2017 Suggestions

Running listing of suggestions as I think of them. Every year i see things while preparing returns and forget what suggestions I have when I finish.

  1. T4, T5 etc should automatically lock (or have the same functionality) as T1 and T2;
  2. Ability to transfer individual donations between spouses;
  3. Minimum variance on option four in the T4 adjustment options;
  4. Nice option to help with new clients, ability to create t-slip by importing from T1 file or T4 file ie right click browse for file and be given a selection box to create the T slips. To save entering the address many times etc.
  5. Create T1 file from T4 T5 slip.
  6. This is an old request, ability to do bulk address change for all Taxcycle files related to taxpayer.
  7. Entering Mobile phone number in T1 clears home phone audit message
  8. AFR values should clear certain review messages. on T4A§

AFR is zero so this message should be cleared.

  1. XML import for T4 preparation should give us the choice to not import the company information and just import the slip information.
  2. Excel import for slips needs some tweaking since error in formatting in the excel sheet causes the import to fail.
    It would be nice to have an import that was more user driven like Caseware see T4 Import Wizard Suggestion

I’ll chime in a bit:

I would find it useful to be able to batch post items in DoxCycle. For instance, if a taxpayer has a lot of, say, medical slips, a way that, once all of them are reviewed, you can post them all at once to TaxCycle, instead of having to do it individually.


It would be useful if notes you make in the workflow section give an indicator in the client manager.

For example, when you make a note regarding missing slips, that this would flag the client manager.


Updated list

I think I mentioned this in a different post, but I used the quick-jump in the right-click menu of Profile quite a bit. This is the only part I feek like I’m missing.

Here is a screenshot of what it looked like on T2S31, but Profile had those on any form or schedule that required scrolling.

  1. A nice feature would be to have something similar to the auto T1adj in the T1 module in the slip modules. For example, if a T4 slip is changed after filing, it could automatically ask you to switch to an amended slip etc.
  2. Maybe the bookmarks in a PDF export from Taxcycle T4 (and other slips?) could be employee name rather than just the same header over and over


When reviewing a return using the checkmarks I often have to double-click to expand on a field. When the checkmark is engaged, the double-click doesn’t work to expand the field; it just checks and un-checks the field.

I’m wondering if you could allow the user to press ALT when the check-mark is engaged to temporarily dis-engage the check-mark and allow the double-click to expand on the field. Then when the ALT key is released, the check-mark is engaged again. This works better than having to turn the check-mark off and on again at the top of the screen. This would also help when I’m in review mode and just want to select a field on the screen without putting a check-mark in the field.

I know CTRL-8 will add a check-mark but I move around and review the return with my mouse and find the CTRL shortcuts don’t fit my routine.


My suggestion is to be able to right-click on the T183 in Part C section of the “Pre-authorize CRA to withdraw” and pull the information from the T1-DD so that you don’t need to retype it.

  1. Ability to have chosen documents carried forward in Doxcycle year to year or only once.
  2. When typing document in Doxcyle, the list should filter. As shown below I should be in the T’s. Since I could have multiple documents that have the same beginning and the first document it finds shows up in the autofill

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  1. Clicking on slip in Doxcycle should position properly. I clicked on this slip and this is how it displayed

It would be nice if the Doxcycle box would properly display like this so I do not need to scroll up.


I agree. In prior years I believe it worked the way you are suggesting it should. It is a pain they way it is working this year. Lots of extra scrolling and dragging.

  1. It would be nice if there was some easy way to indicate whether a slip in the T1 module is not only blank in the current year but also in the prior year so I do not need to scroll to confirm.
  2. Autofill of cells should adjust for capital letters. Especially in cells for Province and City should auto capitalize
  1. Ability to one click who is the primary tax return so the joint invoice is on the correct return. (Not sure if this exists already) Basically, I want to use the individual invoice for the joint invoice since the joint invoice is too confusing for my liking
  1. Ability to hide “Total” on Slip summary. I find it distracting some times during review especially since we have totals for most slips and not for others. Other option you could try would be to have the totals in a different colour than green

For next year’s client letter: If the spouse has died in the year, and the taxpayer’s status is widowed, the paragraph about family status changing and notification of CRA should exclude any reference to the spouse since resurrections are fairly rare.


Also next year, could the Ctrl+F5 work like F5 and take you to the same form as is open on taxpayer you are moving from?

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  1. Ability to clear all or a portion of AFR and start over
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  1. Restoring a slip that is shared with a spouse should restore the slip in both returns. Conversely (this may already work this way, deleting a shared slip in one return should automatically delete slip in other return.

I just restore a slip and noticed that it was still deleted on the spouse.

Hmm actually there appears to be a in the program. I restored the spouses slip; however, the spouses amount in blank. The slip in both taxpayers appears to be locked and I cannot change the amounts any longer

  1. T3 return Tax return preparer, reviewer and approver needs to be split like the T1 module. Maybe confirm this is also the case for other modules as well
  1. Link Doxcycle to T3, T4, T5 modules etc. Not just T1 and T2