Clutter of Review Messages

When I open a 2018 T1 Return for a Dependant that has been previously completed with TaxCycle and Locked (before March 17th), there is now a Yellow Diagnostic Message over the Age on Dec 31 field of the Info Screen that says “TaxCycle calculated 0”.

As well… where there were absolutely no review messages whatsoever when the children’s T1 returns were filed, the “All Messages” view is littered with new messages now, including;

AFR Screen: Child’s Name: Locked: TaxCycle calculated < blank >
CDE Screen Child’s Name: Locked: TaxCycle calculated < blank >

The above Review Messages appear just for the Dependants (not the husband or wife)

The below Review Messages appear for all taxpayers previously completed & locked T1 returns

T1229 (Resource Expense & Depletion) Review Messages for CDE and COGPE

Unlocking and relocking the file fixes this clutter of review messages… but I don’t know why this should be happening in the first place.

I’ve tried to recreate the review message clutter you’ve reported with a simple return but no luck so far. Can you send us a screen shot of the file history, with any identifying information blacked out? I’m hoping this might help us recreate the problem so we can take a closer look… Here’s what I mean:

Alternately if you’ve got a file you can share with us securely it will help us get to the root of the problem.

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Thanks Cameron

I E-Couriered you a file to have a look at.

Thanks! That is helpful.

I’ve looked at these files and there is no real change for you to worry about.

I’m working on ways to remove the clutter of those messages, and we should have it solved for next week. Just leave the files alone, and when you open them in next week’s version the messages will be gone…

~ Cameron

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