DocuSign message on T183

Hello colleagues,

I just noticed that when I send a client the T183 via DocuSign, the client gets the following message:

“We have attached a completed copy of your corporate tax return, which we have electronically filed with CRA”. And a “review document” link is attached.

The link is correct, but the message is 100% incorrect. What has been sent to the client is the T183 to be signed (and not the “copy of the coportate tax return”)

Question: How do we change this message? Is it related to DocuSign, or TaxCycle?

Thank you!!!

You have to hook it up to the right template, which also you can edit to read as you desire…

Thank you for your reply.
Is this done in DS, or TC?
Thanks again!

In the print dialogue you need to pick the proper template under the “Message” drop down. For a T183, you should choose “T183 Cover Email.”

I find the default TaxCycle template sufficient but if you wanted to edit it you can in TC Template Editor.

Thank you so much Jeremy1!!
I was able to fix this issue.