T1 - T183 Name and title of legal representitive

I maybe getting extra lazy but it would be nice if the “Name and title of legal representative” on the T183 would carry forward each year with potentially a flag to check if it is still correct.

I waste a few sheets of paper each year when I forget to renter for POA’s either that or I have to print it in manually in my grade school hand writing.

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This would still be a nice addition.

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Life Events - Legal Representative

Still not there for non deceased taxpayers with POA’s. I believe this has support among the group. Can you add this?

Just retyped 3. :frowning_face: 4 :frowning_face: 5 :frowning_face:6:frowning_face:7:frowning_face:


While you are at it could you format the entry for the title to show in brackets or perhaps have a hyphen separate the legal representative name & title. Currently I have added my own separator before the title.

Still nothing! Could someone explain why this would not be a good idea?


I support this. I have both deceased returns and minor child returns.

I would like to see the following added in some form of either an expanded data entry form or an addition to the workflow of the following.

  • Add to T183

T183 and T1013 Legal Signatory

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • email
  • Relationship - ie Parent, Legal Guardian, Executor.
  • Supporting document title and/or description.

I have no good place to house this information. Right now I include it in my notes on a my own client info page.

While we are at it…

For most Tax Returns I have one person as a main contact. I would like that to be added to the info page.

T1 Info

  • name - ie Estate of John Smith
  • address
  • phone numbers
  • email

T1 Legal Contact

  • name - ie Jane Smith Executrix
  • address
  • phone numbers
  • email

T1 Alternate Contact

  • name - ie CPA or Lawyer
  • address
  • phone numbers
  • email

As similar expanded info page would be useful for the AUTHORIZED BUSINESS REP in several modules for additional contacts for:



For 2018 we have added a carry forward for the Legal Representative and Legal Representative Title fields from the T1 Info page. This information links to the T183 automatically.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank you.

This doesn’t happen currently when I carry forward a file so I guess you are saying it will be in the next release?

Not sure of your plans with it but as mentioned above it would be nice if it was coded so that the entry for the title of representative shows in brackets or perhaps have a hyphen separate the legal representative name & title.

Also I think a warning message on subsequent years to check that the representative is still accurate or current would be nice.

Yes, the carry forward has been added to development for release later this fall. I will add the request for a hyphen to the development list along with a warning message.

Was a nice feature while it lasted. Seems to have disappeared. :disappointed:

Working again now for non deceased taxpayer’s. Not sure if the last release took care of it or if it may have had something to do with the previous version of last year that it was carried forward from. In any event I am glad to see it carrying forward. Thanks.

Darn it… the legal representative is carrying forward now.

My returns are in the situation where the legal representative is active for only one or two years. I just noticed that I have to remove those legal representatives when they carry forward.

Can’t have it both ways, can we? Robots are replacing factory workers, cashiers and even financial advisors. Are tax preparers next?

Have you considered using the Custom Field creator option to remind you to consider it?