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e-Signatures on Deceased returns

I’m just looking at adding e-Signatures for more forms, including the T1255, which must be signed by a legal representative, on behalf of the estate.

For @helga_spence and others that do these returns: Is the legal representative that signs this form usually the same one that signs the T183, etc, etc?

My idea is to add a field for the legal representative’s email address on the info form, and then, for deceased returns, that is who the signature requests would go to for all of the forms which need a signature.

Does that make sense, or is something more sophisticated required?

In all of the cases that I have had the legal representative (generally an executor) signing the T183 is the same person who signs the T1255. I can’t imagine too many situations where they would be different, but then again my wife says I have no imagination… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope you are right… because that means I can measure the work required in hours and not in days!! :slight_smile:

In our experience it has always been the same person signing. We are trying to work around the clients who have their power of attorney sign for them. We have been putting the name in the legal representative spot and title of POA so it shows up on the T183. Only issue we are finding is that it only populates on the T183. It doesn’t populate on the T1032 or possibly other documents the POA may need to sign.

I agree with the others. In our office it is always the same person signing the T183 that signs the T1255.

When this is added, can you also add an email template for the T183. Suggestion called DT183. I created a template for this case scenario so the Leg Rep name appears in the email message. Would have the Legal reps name and then “The Estate of the Late and deceased name.” As a Suggestion Thank you .

Actually, when I created this email template, I still noticed that once you click on the signature box to sign-unless they manual sign it with mouse or pen then the deceased client’s name will still auto-populate on DocuSign’s end. Can you change anything here Cameron?

Cameron, I think you also need to connect the full name of legal representative to DocuSign, Because DocuSign or other electronic softwares are creating styles from the name not from the email. I figured out that DocuSign print the legal representative’s name on T183 but does not create his signature. Signature created by DocuSign are based on the taxpayers name. it will work if legal representative draw his signatures instead of using style signature.

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yes that is the case for situations where the POA is signing, it would be nice to have the POA, name go automatically