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Life Events

I like the section of “Life events” for entering Legal representative.

Could we take it one step further where we can have it transfer to the T183 for a taxpayer not yet deceased.
I have a number of clients where a Power of Attorney is signing for the taxpayer. If it could be entered there and carry forward each year that would be helpful.


Yes and these things could be helpful to carry forward each year from doxcycle.


I still think this would be a nice addition. How about it? I can’t believe it would be a difficult change.


I agree that it would be nice if we could put the name of the POA in the “life events” field and have it show up without a date of death entry. I don’t know how many T183’s I have re-printed because I forgot the POA’s name in Parts D and F.


Noted. Added to our bug tracker for review. Thanks!