T1 - T183 - Authorizing an electronic filer to represent you

I have not generally submitted and completed this section in prior years. I plan on doing so for 2014 returns. I would like a global option to have this selected, ie. “Yes” answered in the Filing section on the Personal Information tab. Currently I can only make this happen on a new return, any files carried forward that were answered “No” previously retain that answer on carry forward.

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Is there going to be a way to make this happen?

Selecting Yes under T183 Default Values for that question does not currently change the answer for returns carried forward.

Make it change previous years selection on carry forward.


A selection in the Options Section:T1-New file-2014- Info form ---- Carry forward T183 Authorize to represent “taxpayer” for this return.

If left unchecked than the selection under T183 Default Values would be used.

As I am switching to the online mail and authorization for each Taxpayer this year I would prefer not to have to remember to check this box on every return carried forward.

I am sure this would be helpful to others in the same situation.


I will look at the carryforward issue here again next week. For now I have added a review message with a quickfix when your T183 question does not match the default you have set in options. This will be available in the release we are publishing today.

For the carryforward, I propose it work like this:

T183 Authorization:
( ) Default value (blank or the carryforward from prior year)
( ) No (override the carryforward value)
( ) Yes (override the carryforward value)

We could make it even more complicated by giving two more options
( ) No (just for new files)
( ) Yes (just for new files)

I’d prefer to avoid doing the second part, but would love to hear from others in the community. If it is something that would be required I’d like to know!

~ Cameron

That quickfix works for me. That maybe all that is needed.