T1 Billing worksheet UX suggestion

Just a minor suggestion for the T1 billing worksheet relating to the placement of the “Show details of schedule charges on client invoice” checkbox, which seems slightly out of place to me.

This year we kept our billing quite simple for T1s - usually just a couple of lines at most with no set per-form or hourly charges. To do this, we filled in the lines and related fees under the “Per schedule charges”. It would make more sense to me to have the checkbox to break out these details on the invoice under the same heading, because the “Description of service” portion of the worksheet that is currently in between seems unrelated. Ex:

I like it! I’ve logged a suggestion for us to look at. Thanks @rick.s

Great, thanks!

In the Billing Worksheet, under Description of Services, each new item can be entered into it’s own unique row by using “SHIFT ENTER” at the end of each sentence to go to the next line (much like in Profile). However, unlike Profile which replicates the new rows onto the actual invoice, TaxCycle’s Invoices (CInvoice, JInvoice) seem to start each new sentence on the same line as the previous sentence, ignoring my Shift Enter to start on a new line. What am I missing? What is the secret to replicating this new line onto the actual invoice? Is there a special format sequence that I need to add to the end of each line to force TaxCycle to start a new Invoice line? (for example, in HTML, I would use < /P>).

I find this useful when I want to add more emphasis to some of the detail in the tax return.
Here is an example of my desired output on the actual invoice, which is similar to how I would do this in Profile’s Billing Worksheet (all values used are just for demonstration purposes).

Description of Services:

  • Prepare Rental Income for:
    a) Victoria, BC Condo: $ 75.00
    b) Toronto, ON Condo: $175.00 (shared 3 ways)
  • Disposition of Properties:
    a) Calgary, AB house $150.00
    b) Toronto, ON Condo: $225.00 (shared 3 ways)


  • Designation of Principal Residence (T2091)
  • Foreign Income and Foreign Tax Credit Calculations

I guess if it can’t be done this way using the Description Box, I have a few months before next tax season to figure out how to add additional functionality to the mustache Invoice template to somehow incorporate the level of detail that I want to see. Optionally, I guess I could manually edit the Invoice to add it, which is not my preferred method. Or switch to a different Invoicing system. For this particular tax return, I’ll probably just use Profile to create that invoice since I have the return entered in both systems. This is my year of transition to TaxCycle, so entering returns on both systems is a great way to learn TaxCycle and find any issues before next tax season when I’ll be running it solo.


I find that most of my customer do not even read or look at the bill to spend this amount of time on it. I have eight description saved .

I agree, used to waste so much time doing detailed bills and all they wanted to know is “How much do I owe you ?”

In retrospect, it was more for me than them so that I knew what I invoiced them for(where I gave a deal, etc).

Been in practice for 19 years, 3 tax seasons ago I switched to simplified invoice and keep better notes for myself in the memo(carry forward) I attach to the SIN field on the Info form w regards to how I billed. This has saved me a lot of time as I prepare over 350 returns (one person office… also offer bookkeeping/payroll/accounting/corp).

Valid point, Kevin. I have clients like that too who don’t bother to read these details.

The value I have found over my many years in doing taxes is that it gives ME a very fast reference the following year to how I charged that client. Especially in situations where I share a fee between two or three people and want to maintain some sort of consistency with the the previous years, I’ll look back at the PDF of the old invoice vs having to open the actual tax file to remind myself of what and how I charged them.

This year i did 4695 clients so far and 35 year ago i started with 100 clients now we have grown to this i have made the fee standardized i can do a family of 5 in 30 minutes now . Just love the way doxcycle has sped me up