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T3 module suggestions

It would be really helpful to have a basic invoicing system in the T3 module - just a very pared-down version of the T1 module billing worksheet would work fine (ex. just being able to input the base invoice amount, less any discounts, and adding GST are the only fields that we’d need - could keep it simple and skip the “per schedule”, etc. items).

Having an engagement letter would also be great.

I’ve built custom templates for these, but always get questions on them because they’re not in the usual spots/print sets where our preparers are looking, and I often forget to apply them to the next year’s modules until someone brings it up (ex. I hadn’t enabled them in 2018 until recently).

As always, thanks for your consideration!


Were you aware that you can create new forms quickly and easily from the Template Manager?

I added a number of letters to the T1 module, but you can do the same thing for the T3 module. Open the Engagement Letter in the T1 Module, copy it, and tie it to the T3 module, removing the T1 modules. Then go through and change all relevant variables to point to the T3 fields instead.

For the invoice, do the same pending any billing worksheet being provided by Trilogy. You will have to manually fill in the invoice yourself as no calculations will be done, but you will get something.

Thanks for your comments Tim,

I have made custom templates that work OK, but inevitably staff doesn’t spot them because they’re outside the usual print sets, etc.

I’m also partially to blame because I tend to forget to apply the templates to the next module year. Ex. I had them set for say 2017-2014, and then when 2018 was released I forgot to go into each template and tick the 2018 box.

Overall the custom templates at least provide for a work around, but I don’t think it’s ideal versus having some basic built in functionality from a user experience standpoint.